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  1. Alltså, HAHA!! Har du arrangerat den nedre bilden eller?
    Var den sjukaste sittning jag sett.
    Oroa er mindre för pungbråck och mer för sträckta ljumskar, pojkar, är mitt tips.

  2. anonymous on said:

    what a disgusting expression of patriarchy and the oppression of women!

  3. Common sense on said:

    Men usally are taller than women on average…..(I know it’s not equal but bare with me its still true). Since men are taller, the bones in their legs are longer, sticking out more and increasing width from groin to knee. As you see in the first picture the females legs follow this same pattern.. Men’s hips are also narrow, more so than female they don’t have nice asses.. So without extra flesh on the Ass a mans legs tend to turn out away from the body. A women’s xtra width provided by pelvic bones points her cute little feminine legs forward. Ya see men just dominate naturally apparently. I’m not the smartest around but of I had to guess I would assume the people dealing running the show of feminism already know that. That being so seems the only way to get the equality these nuts are speaking of would be to severely limit the things men can do……. I guess their going all out here.

    • Marshmallow on said:

      Ya don’t say. So, men are taller on average and that means that they have, like, longer leg bones ‘n stuff? Wow, who says you’re not the smartest person around? You’re probably, like, a doctor or something. And that totally accounts for why girls are conditioned to stay out of men’s way and take up as little space as possible. Thanks for mansplaining to me all about my cute little feminine legs (barfffffff).

  4. a foreigner in sweden on said:

    In most other countries, people (men or women) sit politely or make room for each other. This is because in other countries people (men or women) speak up for themselves in everyday situations and learn to communicate with each other and proactively solve problems. This is not the case in Sweden which, while it may have a very advanced progressive-social tax system, contains people with underdeveloped interpersonal skills. I have often got on a bus/train in Sweden and men will be sitting taking up two seats, or women will have their bags on the seat next to them. Everyone (men and women) on the bus/train will avoid making eye contact with me and pretend I don’t exist, hoping that I don’t want to sit next to them. That is typical Sweden.

    The problem being described on this website is a symptom of the me-first, insular Swedish emotional condition. This website is totally missing the point by trying to make a feminist issue out of it.

  5. Klart man inte kan sitta som en tjej om man har pumpade innerlår som mig…